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Adaptive Images for Umbraco

This Umbraco package installs the .NET port of the Adaptive Images project into Umbraco for you and configures it out of the box with the default settings.

Once you have installed the package you need to add the included macro EnableAdaptiveImages as the first item in the <head> of your master templates. This will out a line of JavaScript to every page that sets a session cookie containing the maximum resolution of the end user's device.

The package also installs a .NET handler that processes all image requests (.gif, .jpg and .png) and optimises them for the detected device resolution. Images are marked up in the HTML as normal with <img> tags. The original image src is used for desktop devices and then the same image is scaled down for lower device resolutions automatically.

The package writes a number of config settings to web.config with default values which you can tweak if you want to adjust the default functionality.

For more information see the original Adaptive Images project and the .NET port

Adaptive Images (Matt Wilcox) / CC BY 3.0

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